Elinor Taylor lives and works in West Yorkshire. A nurse by day, a wife and mother the rest of the time, she writes in the in-between moments.

Much of Elinor’s work can be categorised as magical realism or speculative fiction. Still, it remains firmly grounded in the human experience, exploring what so often stays hidden.

In 2012, Elinor published her first book of short stories, Storms in Jars, under the name E.J. More. Since then, she has gone on to publish a further two books of microfiction and poetry The Smallest of Sparks and The Smallest of Sparks – Vol Two.

2023 saw the release of debut novel, The Fisher Girl, which is set between the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire, UK, and the magical kingdom of Diamond, a land populated with fairies and goblins and trolls. The Fisher Girl tells the story of Marie Fisher, a young woman with much to learn about her own memories and who must face calculating evil foes to prevent the destruction of both worlds.

Elinor’s work work came to the attention of sci-fi author Hugh Howey (Wool, Beacon 23, Sand), who suggested they join forces. What arose from their collaborations is a series of unique apocalypse tales. The Balloon Hunter, written on the medium of postcards, was released in June 2023 and proved an instant hit with readers around the world. While the sequel, Death To Anyone Who Reads This, was written in the pages of a journal and released in August of the same year, to the delight of fans of the first book and new readers alike.

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